How to Use a Water flosser: Step by Step Guide

by Tim Gordon

A water flosser is an oral care device that streams jets of water between the teeth and the gum. This device removes food debris, plaque, and bacteria that lodge in the teeth. Water flossers are the gentlest of all the other flossing techniques and are easy to use. 

Getting a water flosser is a good decision. But you need to know how to use this device the right way. This article explores a step-by-step guide on how to use a water flosser.

How to Use a Water Flosser for the First Time?

As a first-time user, water flossing can be quite the experience. Learning how to water floss is a process everyone needs to know. Flossing then becomes easier and simpler as you go. To use a water flosser for the first time, what you have to do involves the steps below:

1. Fill the Water Tank

Different water flossers come with unique water basins. For Tuski Water Flosser, the water tank is removable and fillable easily.

You don’t want to shock your teeth by introducing a drastic hot or cold temperature.

To begin, make use of warm water. The water might become hotter or colder to suit your teeth. Once the water tank is full, close it up as you don’t want to make a mess.

2. Pick the Right Tip

Several water flossers come with a default tip. A great example is Tuski Water Flosser, which has a rotatable nozzle that moves 360 degrees. This ensures that the nozzle can reach all the corners of the mouth and the gum.

As a first-timer, you should use the default tip that comes with the water flosser. As you become used to water flossing, you can experiment with special tips. Learning how to use a water pick will also aid your flossing process.

3. Choose the Right Pressure Setting

When using a water flosser, you should go for the one that provides you with pressure setting options. As a first-timer, you should start with the lowest pressure and work your way up. By doing this, you can select the pressure that works best for you. This is especially important for those that have sensitive gums.

4. Fine Tune Your Water Flossing Technique

Water flossing can be quite awkward the first time you try it. With constant use, you develop a technique that works best for you.

Find a comfortable position and turn on the device to clean your teeth and gums. In no time, water flossing will become part of your daily routine, and you won’t be able to do without it.

Besides your teeth and gums, don’t forget to take care of your water flosser device for its maximum effectiveness. Read how to clean a water flosser.

How Often Should You Use a Water Flosser?

It is important to floss because there are parts of your mouth that the toothbrush cannot reach. The ideal recommendation is to floss at least once daily to maintain good oral hygiene.

The good news about water flossing is that you cannot floss too much. Of all the flossing techniques available today, water flossing is the gentlest. With its soft touch on the gums and teeth, it does not present any problems if you floss more than once a day.

Should You Use the Water Flosser Before or After Brushing?

It can be confusing to figure out the steps to follow to ensure proper portal hygiene. Some people believe flossing comes first, while others argue that brushing comes first.

According to a 2018 study, it is better to floss first and then brush. The study shows that flossing first loosens the bacteria and debris lodged in the teeth. Brushing afterward sweeps these particles away from the mouth. Brushing after flossing is also helpful because of the increased fluoride concentration. Fluoride concentration reduces the risk of tooth decay and strengthens the tooth enamel.


Water flossing is not a complicated procedure that requires surgical precision. All you need to do is follow the detailed steps highlighted above. You should also ensure you get the best product available in the market. That’s why Tuski Water Flosser is a great choice. This device makes water flossing simple and easy. With its lightweight and portable features, your water flossing experience will be fantastic. Secure your oral health by starting your water flossing journey right away!

Tim Gordon


Jul 13, 2022

Tim Gordon is a Chicago-based content writer and editor with 10+ years of experience in technical writing. Tim works closely with both B2C and B2B businesses to help them produce high-quality yet easy-to-digest professional content that provides value to users and educates them. Throughout his career, Tim has crafted blog posts, help guides, white papers, and user manuals in personal care, dental hygiene, wellness, patient education, and more.